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Hi there! I’m a writer of weird science/medical history (including head transplant)—a former curator and tour guide at a museum full of bone saws and poison—and a mystery novelist. That means I can regale you with tales of crocodile dung and weasel testicle contraceptive devices, explain how to amputate a limb from an awake and screaming patient… and write annoying people into my novels to be murdered. We should probably be friends.

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A bit more… I am also a Medical Humanities PhD and editor in chief of BMJ’s Medical Humanities journal with bylines at WIRED, Scientific American, Globe and Mail, WSJ Books, Medium. I host the Peculiar Book Club, too, a YouTube livestream with bestselling authors of unusual nonfiction.

AND I grew up next in an underground house next to a cemetery (with a pet raccoon).

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Author/Editor/Historian Brandy Schillace brings you the weird-but-true where science, medicine, and mystery meet. (Like head transplant, for instance. And cloning. And crocodile dung contraceptives. And…)


Brandy L Schillace

Author, #historian, mystery novelist. Editor: BMJ Medical Humanities. Bylines: WIRED, Scientific American, Globe+Mail, WSJ. Writes weird science/medical history. Grew up near cemetery. Had pet raccoon. (she/her)